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Four important exercises for infants

Mothers begin to fear their children as soon as they recover from childbirth. Mothers deal with newborns with a mixture of fear and over-care when touched. Some mothers who prevent people from carrying their babies for fearing about having a problem in their bones but these beliefs are a great mistake because the bones of newborns need certain exercises to be more flexible and need exercises for the progress of the bones of children. Also helps them to sleep calmly, and to prevent some of the distortions that can affect children such as "Curvature". So, we have included some of the most important exercises for infants.

A list of important exercises for infants:

1. Exercises of back:

Make your baby sleep on his face making sure that he is able to breathe properly and then begin to massage the backbones with simple circular movements from the neck to the back and this exercise helps to rid the baby of the gases trapped in their stomach which cause stomach problems, to help the backbones grow properly, and to avoid the baby's back abnormalities.

2. Exercises of legs:

Leave your baby asleep on his back then gently hold his legs and begin to bend and separate it in slow movements. Then start to bend and separate his legs in a semi-circular way similar to the movement of the legs on the bicycle and this exercise is one of the most important exercises for infants that helps to strengthen the bones of the legs, the softness of the knees, and helps your child to move properly and flexible.

3. Exercises of hands and feet:

Make sure your baby is asleep on his back and hold his right arm with his left foot. Then start to bend and separate them until they touch themselves. Then, repeat the same movements for the left arm and the right foot, and this exercise is one of the best exercises that help babies to get rid of any pain in the body. It also protects them from the ruptures that occur frequently to newborn babies.

4. Exercises of shoulder and arm:

Leave your baby in the position of normal sleep on the back or sides and then start massage the bones of the shoulder gently but do not forget to make the movement of your fingers in a circle shape. Then, make your baby sleep on his back and raised his arms until the palm of his hand to his head. Repeat these movements several times so that the body gets used to these movements and this exercise is one of the most important exercises for infants that protects his bones of curvature. It also helps the baby to be calm and feel relaxed.

If you keep using these exercises above for your child at least twice a week, your child's muscles will active and become stronger and protected from any osteoarthritis. 

If you have any inquiry or questions about how to do the above exercises, ask us in the comments. We will be happy to do so. 

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