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How to Add Places to Google Maps

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How to Add Places to Google Maps

How to Add Places to Google Maps

In today's topic, we will learn how to add a place on Google Maps. Which is very important for every person who owns a store or commercial store in order to gain easy access to his store through people who are looking for the nearest place to buy some things and this makes your store More famous Let's know more about this topic

How to add a place on Google Maps. Anyone can add the location of his shop on Google Maps, whether it is a home, an office, or anything else that anyone can access with ease when he searches for it on Google Maps. The way to add a place is an easy way So continue.

1- Go to Google Maps.

2- Click on the place you want to add the name of the place on the map.

3- Your location window will pop up. Scroll the bar shown in the image below to the right until you find the option to add a place not listed on the map, then click on it.

4- Add the name of the place you want to appear on Google Maps in the first box.

5- Select your category by selecting it from the list.

6- Add the address of the place, but in detail.

7- In the box located inside, add some details such as the phone number of your store, which is very important when someone wants to reach you easier and faster.

After completing all the steps that we mentioned to you, click on Submit and wait from 24 hours to 7 days until the addition of a place on Google Maps is accepted.

Google Maps

Google Maps, come on, is an explorer that works all over the world. This map is monitored via satellite, which is characterized by its high efficiency, and which was launched by Google since it took over the work of Google Maps or Google Maps. Known about it around the world, which is indispensable to us when we want to reach anywhere easily.

This service was launched for the first time in 2008, and the idea of its establishment was to update and develop some places and cities whose maps contained very little information. The Google Map Maker service came to open the way for users to add the names of places and roads they know and are published in Google Maps after they are completed. Approved by the administrators at Google Map Maker.

How to Get Current Location on Google Maps

How to locate a location on Google Maps, a very easy way, where users add the places they know such as shops, cafes ... and other places, and also users can draw roads, railways, water rivers, or modify the names of places and roads that exist previously, all this is done Based on satellite images.

These additions and modifications do not enter directly into Google Maps, but must first be approved by the administrators in the Google Maps maker, as Google was giving an administrative description to users who prove their worth and make modifications and additions of high value. This information was obtained from Wikipedia.

Google Maps is the best for you if you are a person who takes trips frequently, and this is what we know about in the uses of applications for transporting goods or Uber and other applications that rely entirely on Google Maps to navigate and travel from place to place and these maps were added as a basic application In all portable devices, which are considered the best in mobility.

Since 2011, the service has been developed and the Google Maps application has been added to cars that operate on the hadith system so that it is easy to move, which is a key factor in adding those maps to the vehicles well.

At the end of the topic, I hope that everyone has benefited from this important information, and in order to understand more, we have explained the method to you in a video. You can also watch the video.

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